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Established in 1921, Shikshan Mandal is a pioneering Educational Institute in Karad, committed to nurturing intelligence, scientific attitude, character, patriotism and social belongingness among its students. Shikshan Mandal is keen to provide various avenues to develop special qualities, skills, capacities in students along with formal education. Leadership with vision and mass appeal is the  USP of Management of  Shikshan Mandal, Karad.
Shikshan Mandal has an expanse of 4 Pre– primary, 4 Primary, 4 Secondary Schools, Arts, Commerce and Science Junior College, Arts and Commerce Senior College, Institute of Information Technology, Krishnakath Institute for Skill Development & Research, 1 hostel exclusively for girl students and working women, Maharshi Kanad Science Academy, Khashaba Jadhav Sports Academy and Centre for Competitive Examinations for administrative excellence.
Shikshan Mandal, Karad has a teaching staff of around 300 who are qualified, experienced, motivated experts, supported by the back office of around 100 sincere, skilled administrative staff. Teaching and non - teaching staff is the strength of Shikshan Mandal. All schools and colleges have spacious buildings, well furnished infrastructure  and laboratories with modern equipments, libraries, grounds, auditoriums, school buses, amenities and facilities for students and teachers.
Shikshan Mandal is proud of its Alumni who have achieved recognition and fame at international and national level.
Trust of students and parents is the ‘capital’ of  Shikshan Mandal.

 Profile of the Students:
	Prime focus  of  the Institution and its schools is  to create conducive learning atmosphere and offer guidance and training to student  for achieving  excellence in curricular and co- curricular activities,  management and teachers strive hard  to develop intellectual, physical, physiological and  behavioral  skills and capacities  of the student. 60 to 70% of the student belong to non privileged families, particularly socially and economically underprivileged strata of the society, industrial works ,landless labourer, people below poverty line, people working  on daily wages and people from the rural and remote hilly areas major of the students are the girls Shikshan Mandal, Karad believes that economic and social status of the student should not bar to their education.


Shikshan Mandal, Karad

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शिक्षण मंडळ, कराड

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Shikshan Mandal, Karad

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